Have you had trouble finding jobs that match your skillset despite searching on endless job boards and company websites? Or are you putting hours into drafting and submitting cover letters with no luck? We have some creative strategies to help you boost your job search and your results!

  1. Seek new search strategies

If scouring major job sites like Indeed, Monster, or even LinkedIn isn’t having the results you want, try finding more niche job boards specializing in your line of work. Not only does it bring opportunities to the forefront that you may not otherwise find, but it can also help you get a better idea of the types of jobs being offered in your field and the specific qualifications you will need. Niche job boards are a benefit to both job seekers and employers. As Stephanie Walden, writing for Mashable, says, “niche job boards allow both companies and job seekers to narrow down the search to highly targeted positions and candidates.”

  1. Start your search with your favorite company first

If you know what industry you want to work in, start by finding a company you admire first, even if they’re not hiring! Do some research and find organizations that will allow you to advance in your career or that have an exciting company culture, whichever most reflects your needs. Apply for positions whenever they pop up, even if they would be a step-down. It may be below your skill level, but it will give you the opportunity to grow with the company.

  1. Revamp your resume

Maybe your resume is up-to-date content-wise, but it also needs to stand out. As always, your resume should be streamlined and easily readable, but it can also have an eye-catching design. Play around with online templates that will give your resume an updated look. According to Mashable, some experts recommend using technological alternatives to the traditional resume like Sumry or 1 Page. Another resume trend is creating a Twesume (Twitter resume) to attract recruiters online. Whether or not to take this route, however, depends on the job. Some careers that are more traditional might be put off by the online resume options.

  1. Strategies that will help recruiters find you

If you’re trying to enter a specific field or hope to work with a particular company, write about it! Not only will it showcase your ability and personality, but it may also catch the eye of a potential employee. If nothing else, it will also give you greater insight into the field and job market as you research for your posts. Just as companies use marketing campaigns to find top talent, you can use the same strategies to pursue your career! This is a creative option that can draw attention to your skills and initiative. For example, as Walden details in her article “Out-of-the-Box Approaches to the Job Search (That Actually Work),” “Leona Chu, an advertising operations manager at Work4, promoted herself to a targeted audience with a Facebook ad. She wrote of the experience, “Facebook ads…have advanced targeting capabilities. You can target people who are currently working [at the company you’re pursuing], or even with a certain job title. The campaign I did for Work4 was very successful; I received a number of follow-up emails from recruiters.”


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