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Job descriptions are often the first interaction a candidate has with the position you’re recruiting for. It could even be their first encounter with your business. Therefore, to ensure you are getting top applicants, it’s important that your job description be stellar. Here are some tips for how to write an eye catching job description.

  1. It all starts with the title

A top candidate might feel alienated by an unusual or obscure job title. If your company uses less common job titles, try to find an approximate when posting job descriptions. As Sharon Florentine, writing for CIO says, “If you call [a position] ‘client relationship manager,’ and they’re searching for the more commonly used ‘account manager,’ you’re going to miss out on those candidates,” he says. Similarly, keep your description straightforward. While you might want the job description to reflect your more casual or unique company culture, you’ll lose out on more frequent key word searches if your language deviates too far from a standard description.

  1. Writing the description.

Writing a good job description requires navigating the fine line between fully describing the position and overwhelming candidates. It’s important that you give candidates a summary of the position. As Wright State says, this is the “birds eye view” of the position or an explanation of why the job exists. From there, list the essential responsibilities and requirements of the job. As Wright notes, this section should focus on outcomes, how the candidate will be interacting and collaborating with coworkers, what they are accountable for, and, if applicable, what supervisory role they will have.

  1. Highlight the perks.

You’re looking for top talent, but top talent is also looking for good benefits and great employers! Make sure to highlight some of the perks of working at your company. This will help your job posts stand out and attract great candidates.


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