Most recruiters actively recruit on LinkedIn, so one way to catch recruiters’ attention is to promote yourself on your LinkedIn page. If recruiters note that you are available to work and you fit their job description, they may reach out and invite you to apply. This is a huge benefit for job seekers. Here’s what you can do to get your LinkedIn profile up to snuff so that you’ll get noticed!

  1. Completed your profile if you haven’t already.

The more detailed and complete your LinkedIn profile, the more interested recruiters will be in reaching out. Make sure your profile picture is recent and a close-up of your face. Your attire for this photo should be professional.

LinkedIn also describes the summary as an important aspect of the page: “Your summary is your chance to tell your own story – so don’t just use it to list your skills or the job titles you’ve had. Try to bring to life why those skills matter – and the difference they can make to the people you work with. Don’t be afraid to invest some time, try a few drafts, and run your summary past people you know. This is your most personal piece of content marketing – and it’s worth the effort.” Finally, make sure the skills you list are relevant to the type of jobs you’re looking for and that all your work experience is up to date.

  1. Your headline needs to work for you.

When recruiters are searching for candidates on LinkedIn, they are most likely going to use a search term that matches or is similar to their job title. Make sure your title reflects what they’re looking for. According to Work Monger, LinkedIn always defaults to your last job title, but you can edit to highlight the role you’re pursuing if it’s different.

  1. Show you’re available for hire.

Once you’ve completed your profile, written your summary, and adjusted your headline, be sure to enable the “Open to Work” feature on your LinkedIn page. When recruiters are searching for one of their available positions, they can filter by availability, meaning your information will be more likely to make it to their page.

  1. Check who is viewing your profile

According to Work Monger, if you navigate to your dashboard, you can see what search words recruiters were using to find your information. If these search words don’t align with your current job search, this is a great indicator that you need to revisit your headline and the skills that you’ve listed on your profile.


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