How to Make the Most of Working with a Staffing Firm Staffers

Despite falling unemployment numbers, studies show a tremendous surplus of job seekers in most fields. Yet many companies say they have difficulty finding employees with the right skills. Are you one of them? Are you concerned that your company’s “skills gap” might be hurting your business? Here are three strategies that can help you close that gap—and instead create a competitive talent advantage: 

  1. Try a New Perspective. Are you guilty of one of the most common hiring problems—trying to fill a role by replicating the last person to hold it? Instead, think about what the job currently requires–what skill set, what competencies, and what type of personality. Redefine any candidate qualifications that may have changed or evolved since the last time the role was filled. Also, learn to match talent needs with your company’s strategy. Consider your organization’s strategic direction and desired outcomes, then work backward to create a hiring strategy that aligns with future goals.
  1. Assess Your Hiring Process.How do you screen potential candidates? Is your interview process thorough enough? Do you know how to recognize candidates who interview well but don’t really have the skills you need? Be sure that everyone involved in the interview process has been trained in how to do it well. Or, partner with a staffing agency that will handle the screening and interviewing process for you.
  1. Offer Education Opportunities. Sometimes the easiest way to eliminate a talent shortage in your company is to invest in professional development or training for your team. Send your employees to workshops, seminars or classes where they can learn new skills or update their current skill set. There are also many free online resources, such as crowd-sourced, online learning platforms where your team can develop necessary skills.
  1. Evaluate Your Compensation Package. You may be experiencing a skills gap because you’re not attracting skilled workers. And you may not be attracting them because you’re not offering a competitive salary or benefits. Conduct research to see what your competition is paying, or at least know the salary ranges that other employers in your area are offering.

And, of course, if you work with a strategic staffing partner like Staffers, Inc., we can offer great advice, based on extensive experience, in how to do all four of these things to the best of your company’s ability. We can also provide you with short-term employees to shore up certain departments or temp-to-hire placements so you can test out new employees before deciding to hire them.

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