Growing Your Career to Become a Leader

Whether you have just stepped into a management position, have been managing a team of employees for years, or are not yet managing others, it is only natural to want to grow in your career. For many workers, growth often starts with being seen as a leader, regardless of where you currently fall on the… Read more »

Hiring and Employment Outlook in Jackson

As our nation’s economy continues to improve, the job outlook in Jackson, Mississippi has never looked sunnier. While Mississippi is a state generally known for its southern hospitality, friendly people, and comfort food, it is also becoming well renowned for its amount of job opportunities. The Jackson, Mississippi area offers job seekers careers in a… Read more »

Hiring a Millennial? Here is what to Look for in This Younger Generation

With four unique generations now sharing the workplace, 2013 is a very interesting and exciting period in American workforce history. The most recent addition to the workforce is the Millennials. More than 12-million strong, the Millennials, also commonly referred to as Generation Y, are the largest demographic to enter the workforce since the baby boomers…. Read more »

Job Interview? Here are Five Types of Interviewers to Prep For

A common misconception among many job seekers today is that all interviewers are exactly the same. While many interviewers do follow similar formats, personality and interview styles vary and both can greatly impact the outcome of an interview. Stakes are high during an interview; if you misread the personality of the hiring manager, it could… Read more »

On-the-Clock Mistake? Here’s How to Fix it

Mistakes are inevitable. After all, we are only human. Generally, mistakes can be easily corrected, and eventually, you can forget about them and move on; making a mistake at work, however, can be much more serious. On-the-clock mistakes can impact your employer and depending on your mistake, even your company’s bottom line can suffer. While… Read more »

Does Your New Year’s Resolution Include ‘Find a New Job’?

When the holiday hype has calmed down, loved ones have traveled home, and life has returned to normal, it’s time to take a look at the new year – and possibly, your plans for a new job. If finding a new job has made its way onto your list of New Year’s resolutions, this is… Read more »

Do You Have Great Phone Interview Skills?

There’s no other way to put it: phone interviews are daunting. Not only is this your first real “personal” opportunity to give the employer a great impression of you, your chances of moving on to an in-person interview hinge on it. Fortunately, you have some benefits on your side for phone interviews, and preparing for… Read more »

Want to Succeed in Your New Job? Follow the 30/60/90 Rule.

Starting a new job can be an exciting new adventure, but it can also be accompanied by a multitude of anxiety. Combining the stresses of learning a new routine with the pressures to succeed in your new position and impress your new employer can lead to a great deal of nervous tension. Luckily, there’s an… Read more »

Mid-Career Change Doesn’t Mean Mid-Life Crisis – How to Job Search When You’re Caught Unemployed Mid-Career

It should come as no surprise that mid-career changes often leave job seekers feeling confused. You’ve surpassed entry-level positions both in experience and salary expectations, but you don’t have the qualifications for senior-level management jobs. This gray area combined with today’s job market leaves you facing the challenge of finding a job. However, if you… Read more »

Be More Valuable (and possibly be considered for that promotion!) by Conducting Periodic Self-Evaluations

Whether you are only beginning your career, or you have been in the workforce for years, you know that even when working under the direction of a supervisor or as part of a team, no one knows the full extent of your progress at work better than yourself. You may have yearly or semi-annual reviews… Read more »