Are you new to the world of temporary employment? Staffing agencies can offer job seekers exclusive jobs, and they specialize in matching their candidates with companies based on their candidate’s skill set, personality, and values. However, trying to find a staffing agency that suits your needs can be difficult, especially if you are beginning with a web search. If you know how to navigate a staffing agency’s website, you can often determine whether or not that agency is right for you. Check out these tips for searching below.

  1. A good staffing agency will list the types of jobs they are equipped to fill. For example, on Staffers’s website, we list what types of positions we fill so that job seekers know whether or not they have the necessary skills to qualify. For example, Staffers has job opportunities for corporate support staff, accounting staff, non-medical support staff, legal support staff, and human resources staff.


  1. Staffing agencies often list their current or featured job opportunities on their website. The date the job was posted should be available as well as the description, hours, pay rate, and whether or not the position is temporary, temp-to-perm or permanent. If you have work experience in the positions listed, or you would like to gain experience in those areas, then the agency is probably a good match for you (not to mention their up-to-date website will indicate that they are organized).


  1. Good staffing agencies are clear about their application process and the types of applicants they are looking for. The description of the application process is oftentimes one of the best ways to determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the agency. Candidates can usually apply or submit their resumes directly on the website.


  1. Many staffing agencies have blogs that feature the latest news for how to navigate staffing industry or tips for job seekers and recruiters. These posts are a great resource for job seekers because they often give helpful tips and can explain how to benefit from working with a staffing firm.

If you are a job seeker and think you might be interested in working with a staffing agency, call Staffers today. We are Jackson’s leading boutique staffing firm and offer jobs in office administration and clerical work. Check out our website to find recent jobs and apply today. We look forward to working with you!

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