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Finding and hiring top candidates is only the first hurdle to conquer on your journey to business success. Retaining your best and brightest talent after employing them is incredibly important but is oftentimes overlooked. Keeping your best employees is simply a smart business move. Turnover is costly in time, money, and company morale, so it… Read more »

Mistakes are inevitable. After all, we are only human. Generally, mistakes can be easily corrected, and eventually, you can forget about them and move on; making a mistake at work, however, can be much more serious. On-the-clock mistakes can impact your employer and depending on your mistake, even your company’s bottom line can suffer. While… Read more »

A growing company is ultimately every organization’s long-term goal; however, it does not always cultivate positive change, specifically where company culture is concerned. Although it is one of the main drivers for the way a company works, organizational culture often goes unnoticed or underappreciated until it’s gone. Unfortunately, losing the foundation of a company’s culture… Read more »

 Where growth in new jobs is slow, hiring freezes are to be expected. While this may seem counterintuitive, there is a silver lining; hiring freezes can often lead to an increase in business productivity.Achieving more with less or the same is no simple feat.  Raising productivity levels during a time of limited hiring is a… Read more »

Why is it important for your team to see that their work has meaning? Because most people need to know that their job exists for a reason, and they want to know that their work helps others or makes the world a better place. And if they understand this purpose, they’ll be more engaged and… Read more »

The holidays are peak season for many businesses in Jackson. Ensuring your staffing levels are adequate during this busy time can be a challenge, especially if you have limited resources. To help you make it through end-of-the-year demands – and not just survive, but thrive – here are five best practices for seasonal staffing: Plan… Read more »

Hiring is hard work. How do you go about recruiting? How many interviews should each candidate face? Do you conduct skills testing? How do you make a good hiring decision? The list of questions goes on. Regardless of the position you’re hiring for, one thing is clear – everyone on the hiring team must be… Read more »

Job descriptions are often overlooked when brainstorming about how to attract top talent. While your website and social media presence are essential to attracting candidates to your available jobs, your job descriptions are important for keeping your top talent interested. Titling Your Job Description: One of the most important elements of the job description is… Read more »

Staffing firms can play a significant role in connecting businesses with hard to find talent. Here are some of the reasons why companies should work with staffing firms: A Staffing Firm’s Main Priority is Recruiting Staffing firms are recruiting specialists. While your company may have a recruiting department with similar abilities, they may not have… Read more »

The good news is your business is growing by leaps and bounds. The bad news? You now have more work than you can handle. But you’re not sure you can sustain this new demand, so hiring full time employees is out of the question. What are your options? One of the easiest and most effective… Read more »