In today’s fast-paced world, people have short attention spans, and recruiters and hiring managers are no exceptions to the rule. For better or worse, our brains are programmed to make quick judgments about the people we meet. When it comes to impressing someone who has a strong say in whether you will be offered a job or not, you have less time than ever to make a great, lasting first impression.

While negative first impressions can be overcome with time, the time constraints of a job interview do not allow for such forgiveness. This is why it is so vital to ensure that your interviewer’s first impression of you is a positive one. To gain a quick advantage over other job candidates during the interview stage, consider the following to make that great first impression.

  • Keep your resume on hand. While your interviewer has most likely skimmed your resume before your interview, be sure to keep a few attractive and professionally printed copies on hand. This will help the interviewer glance at your credentials for quick reference and show them very quickly that you come prepared.
  • Give extra attention to your appearance. Select business appropriate attire for your interview and make sure it is neat and composed. Pay extra attention to your hair, jewelry, shoes, and any other accessories. While you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look professional for your interview, you should plan to spend some extra time getting ready so you can ensure every little detail has been checked over.
  • Prepare an opening speech. Saying the right words at the right time is huge when it comes to first impressions. This is why it is important to plan out in advance what you want to say when you first meet the recruiter or hiring manager. Before your interview, practice introducing yourself in a strong and confident tone of voice to demonstrate poise and professionalism in the first few seconds of meeting.
  • Monitor your body language. Actions can speak louder than words, especially during a first meeting. A firm handshake, good posture, and a confident walk with a purpose are all key points of making a great first impression. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview and avoid fidgeting.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and the first 20 seconds can truly make or break your interview. Staffers, Inc. has been preparing job seekers for interviews with top Jackson, Mississippi, companies for over 20 years and takes pride in providing temporary and permanent job solutions. To ensure you make a great first impression during your next job interview, contact the experts at Staffers, Inc. today!

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