The interview can make or break your chances at getting the job. There’s the typical advice: dress to impress, arrive on time, carry yourself well, and ask good questions. While these are great things to keep in mind, here are some overlooked tips that could help you stand out in the job market.

  • Use Google Alerts—This is a fantastic way to keep tabs on the company you’re interested in working for. Google Alerts will send you an e-mail any time a news story appears for that company. In the mean time, check out their website, especially if they have a blog (like we do!). You may find a post that sticks with you and will help you in your interview.
  • Schedule Your Interview for Tuesday at 10:30—According to the blog, Glassdoor, the best time to schedule your interview is for Tuesday at 10:30. The blog claims that it is best to avoid early morning meetings, the last meeting of the workday, and pre or post lunch meetings.
  • Prepare your ‘Tell us About Yourself’ statement before the interview—Inevitably, the interviewer will ask you to tell her a little bit about yourself. You want to have a creative and concise answer that will set you apart. Most people just summarize their professional career, but dig a little bit deeper. What has lead you to the point in you’re life where you’re interested in applying for this job?
  • Clean up your Facebook and Twitter—Recruiters often check potential job candidate’s social media outlets. Make sure your social media outlets reflect you in the most positive way possible!
  • Answering that “What’s your Weakness Question”—Like the “Tell us about yourself question,” you will also be asked to describe your weakness. Make sure that in your answer, you discuss the ways that you’ve overcome your weakness or the ways in which you are working to overcome it.
  • Write a thank you note—A handwritten note will show that you are considerate of your potential employer’s time. If you can’t send a handwritten note, a nice e-mail would also be great! Your interviewer will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Standing out is the best way to ace a job interview and hopefully get the job of your dreams! If you would like more tips from a staffing firm who takes these things into consideration, keep reading our blog! Get in touch with us. We can help you find the job that suits you. Or, if you are a recruiter, we can find high-performing people for your company. Just give us a call!

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