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Jackson’s Guide to Hiring

Staffing needs can change. The economy has its ups and downs – in Jackson and nationally. You win (or lose) big projects. The skills that you need to hire for can evolve over time. How can you effectively analyze, respond to and manage your Jackson staffing needs? Here’s a guide for 

Analyze Your Current and Future Needs

  • What skill level is typically required to fill vacant positions?
  • Are there fluctuations in your need for staff?
  • Do you need to find candidates with specialized skills?
  • What is your retention strategy?
  • Do you have any projects coming up or expansions planned?
  • How many current employees are close to retirement?
  • Is your business demand seasonal or steady?
  • Is there increased turnover in any group?

Create a Strategy

What budget do you have to work with? Can you convert some of your fixed expenses to variable by adding temporary staff to your team? Can you commit to full time hires or does it make more sense to use a staffing service to assess fit?

Balance Your Workload

Identify any areas of your business that are overburdened while those in another division are underutilized. Shift employees from one department to another if their skills match or trim down to a core full time team that you augment with temporaries as demand requires.

Recruit More Effectively              

Hire better by doing more homework upfront. Analyze your true needs. Tear apart and rebuild job descriptions so they match your current requirements. Craft job postings that attract talent with the qualifications you need and examine strategies to uncover passive candidates.

Improve Retention

Use temporary staff to reduce overtime and allow your full time employees to focus on their core competencies. Offload tasks that can be handled by lower-level people so that you can develop the talents of those with potential.

Choose the Right Partner

As Jackson’s premier staffing partner, Staffers has more than 15 years experience in the local market and can help you develop staffing solutions that can address your unique needs. If you have business challenges and are looking for local help, call Staffers any time.

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