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If you’re still thinking of staffing companies as “temp agencies,” it’s time to adjust your outlook. Many companies are discovering that partnering with a reputable staffing company can give them a competitive edge. Here’s why you should work with a staffing company.

How can you work with a staffing company?

First and foremost, if you work with a reputable staffing company and develop a long-term relationship, they will be able to predict and assist with your varied hiring needs. If your workflow speeds up or slows down at certain times of the year, they’ll know about it. Subsequently, they can help you quickly respond to those changes in your staffing needs. They should be able to offer different solutions. At Staffers, we have several staffing options for our clients to choose from.

Why you should work with a staffing firm:

If you regularly hire the same types of people, your staffing firm can build you a quality talent pool. They will become familiar with your needs and build a pipeline of candidates. You have other duties, while their job is to build networks of ready candidates in their practice areas.  For example, at Staffers, we know the market and are invested in it. We’re locally owned and operated, so we have deep roots in the business community. We use our local market knowledge and networking capabilities to find candidates unique to our clients’ business needs.  And by maintaining active involvement and serving in leadership roles in both business and industry-specific professional organizations, we continually add to our referral network. We know what skills are in demand and know how to reach passive job seekers.

Even more proof for why you should work with a staffing firm!

A strong staffing agency will take the time to get to know your company, its culture, your employees, and the candidates you’ll need. You’ll provide the criteria for your top candidate, and the staffing firm will find only the most qualified candidates. They can write the job descriptions that will bring in the right people, collect and filter resumes and screen candidates for you, including reference checks, relevant job-related testing, and criminal/background checks. A complete screening process helps them to ensure the right fit of talent to your company culture and your opportunity.

Once you’ve found the right staffing firm, maintaining a productive working relationship is mostly done through effective communications. For example, Staffers will check in on a regular basis to inquire about immediate opportunities, future needs, or to perform a quality check of current placements. Your feedback guides our direction, so it’s important that you let us know what we (or our employees) are doing right and where improvement may be needed.

A staffing firm can be a long-term asset and an active part of your recruitment and retention strategy. If you’d like to know more about how Staffers can give your company the competitive edge, contact us today!

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