Summertime is one of the most popular vacation seasons, which means, for many businesses, that fewer employees are working at any given time. This can make it difficult to keep a schedule running smoothly or to meet a project deadline. If your office numbers are lower during the summer time, and you’re scrambling to find a temporary replacement, here are some tips for filling the position.

1. Make sure you know when your staff is going on vacation

Try to put together a calendar detailing when your staff members are planning to be out of town as soon as possible. This will give you a better idea of where your greatest needs will be and what positions to temporarily fill first.

2. Consider bringing on certain previous employees

Consider reaching out to previous employees who left on good terms (either retired or took another job elsewhere). They will already have a solid knowledge base of the job and your clients, so they can begin working quickly.

3. Consider bringing on near-hires

Do you still have a short list of strong applicants that didn’t make it through the hiring process? Oftentimes, these applicants are qualified but, for whatever reason, were not the right fit at the time. If they are still on the job hunt, they may be happy to get some experience and make some money.

4. Work with a staffing firm!

Partner with a staffing firm that specializes in the kind of positions you need to fill. A good staffing firm will have long term relationships with good employees who have the skills you need. These employees will be able to come into the office ready to do the job because they have already been trained.

The key to successfully hiring temporary employees, either through independent contractors or through a staffing agency, is to plan ahead and consider all of your options. Don’t wait until half your staff is leaving for vacation to come up with a hiring plan for the summertime. If you are searching for temporary employees, call Staffers today! Staffers is Jackson’s leading boutique staffing agency. We specialize in office administrative positions and clerical positions, and we offer temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent candidate placements. Call us today at 601-362-1010. We can help you find the perfect temporary employee!

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