Whether your end goal is a temporary position, a long-term career, or a consulting contract, knowing how to effectively market yourself is one of the necessary skills you need when it comes to job hunting. When it boils down to it, job seeking and product marketing essentially share the same goal: establish the needs of your target audience and position your brand to meet those demands. Even if you are not applying for a position in sales or marketing, understanding the four basic steps to sell yourself can help you land your next professional opportunity. Consider the following:

Sell benefits, not features.

Don’t simply mention your education or experience in your cover letter or during an interview; expand upon them. Discuss how these skills will benefit the employer and ultimately improve the company.

Be the solution.

Companies hire to fill a need in an area they are currently lacking. Use specific examples from past experiences to explain how you will be the best solution for the company.

Communicate nonverbally.

Nonverbal communication is extremely important, especially during job interviews. Maintain good posture, make eye contact, and smile often. This will help you portray yourself as someone competent, confident, and friendly.

Content Marketing.

It’s important to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Building a website and creating content with strong key-words and search engine optimization will help lead recruiters to you. You can even use email marketing software to put together a newsletter.

To take it even a step further, The Blueprint advises, “And don’t just point to your own website–visit influential blogs in your niche or use sites like Quora to answer other people’s questions and interact with the community.” This will ultimately help you make connections and, who knows, could be the determining factor in landing the right job for you!

Show enthusiasm.

It is absolutely vital to have passion in what you do. Employers seek employees who work for more than their paycheck and make the necessary effort to provide quality work. Make it obvious that you are excited about what you do and are ready to hit the ground running.

No matter your industry, taking cues from fundamental marketing skills can help you position yourself as an invaluable company asset! As Mississippi’s leading office administrative staffing firm, Staffers, Inc. is well versed in how to prepare job seekers to market themselves and conduct interviews by providing them with the resources, skills, coaching, and confidence necessary for success. If you are looking for help finding excellent job opportunities in the Jackson area, do not hesitate to contact Mississippi’s top job placement professionals at Staffers, Inc. today!

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