It is understood that staffing the right employees is essential to a company’s success. Employees are a big investment in themselves – an investment you will want to see a discernible return on. However, as vital as staffing is, an alarming number of businesses do not currently have a staffing plan in effect. You would never forego your company’s financial plan, would you? Of course you wouldn’t; so why would you omit something equally as vital to your business’s success rate? Below, we have compiled a list of guidelines in order to set a successful strategic staffing plan in place for your company.

Revert back to your original business plan.

Then, ask yourself the question, “What staffing changes do you need to achieve your goals for growth and progress?” Oftentimes, you will find you need a committed workforce to reach these goals, which requires the commitment of the company to the employees.

Be open minded.

Include strategies for career development and advancement and consider posting jobs and programs internally.

Consider alternative working arrangements including telecommuting a day or two per week or separate summertime hours for employees who may thrive in a nontraditional work environment.

Build a recruitment plan to attract the kinds of employees your company needs.

Consider partnering with applicable colleges or universities.

Include existing employees in the selection process. Consider integrating employee referral programs or peer reviews of quality candidates.

Develop a technique for decentralizing staffing. Allow your managers the tools and ability to staff their own divisions.

Keep in mind that staffing is an ongoing and evolving process. It is important to revisit your strategic plan periodically to rework, edit, and update so you always have an efficient staffing process in place. Still need some guidance polishing your staffing plan, or don’t know where to start? Contact Staffers today!

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