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Where customer service is concerned, there is no gray area; it will make or break your business.  That’s why it is so imperative to begin viewing your own company’s customer service as a source of profit, rather than cost.  Fortunately, stepping up your company’s customer service skills is not a difficult transition when approached in the right ways. If you’re ready to gain that competitive edge by providing excellent customer service, take the following points into consideration:

Positive energy is contagious.

Happy employees result in happy customers. Many times, your front-line employees will be the only employees your customers interact with. View these employees as your company’s ambassadors, and take extra care and time when hiring for these positions.

Be flexible.

Nothing is more disheartening to an unhappy customer than hearing they cannot be helped due to a company policy. Although certain situations cannot be changed, empower your customer service employees to do anything possible to do right by the customer – even if it means bending the rules into guidelines.

Think outside of the box.

How can your business leave a positive, lasting impression on its customers? Whether it’s offering a complimentary upgrade or extending a warranty, always add unique ways to make your customers feel special.

View complaints as opportunities.

Many successful products and services are created as a result of complaints. Instead of viewing customer complaints as problems with your company, look deeper into the complaint to find how you can better your business. What potential business opportunities are you missing?

Know how to apologize.

You’re human, and so are your employees. This means mistakes are inevitable; how you handle these mistakes is what matters. Don’t wait for your customer to find your mistake. Own up to it immediately and take full responsibility. Apologize, and offer a way to make amends for the mistake.

Effective customer service is much more than a one-time event; it’s something successful companies work on daily. Practicing customer service skills will serve as an excellent baseboard for providing top-notch customer service that will flourish in any economy. If you would like assistance in developing a customer service plan for your companycontact Staffers today!

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“Everything was beyond expected! We just moved to MS and you all helped me find a job our first weekend we were here. Not only do I love the job, but Kelly found the perfect position to add to my resume. Thank you all so much!” – Jennifer S.

“Reliable. Was there when I needed help/income. I felt someone was genuinely there trying to help me in any way possible.” – Priscille J.

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