Proactive hiring is a simple concept that ensures your business stays on top of its hiring needs. Simply put, proactive hiring is the act of taking note of what jobs are the most valuable to your business and making sure those jobs are continuously filled by qualified and competent workers. As your company experiences vacancies or even newly created roles, you want to be prepared so that your work continues on smoothly and efficiently.


Being prepared will set you up for success; make sure you are hiring proactively so that you can acquire the best talent possible for your business. If this seems like a daunting task or too much work, here are a few strategies to help you along the way:


  1. Commit to hiring efficiently. Although it might seem like more trouble at first, in the long run, hiring proactively will help you avoid high turnover. Avoiding high turnover is a great way to save time and money for your business. Think ahead of the curve and hire a great candidate who will fill the role you need without creating unnecessary turnover.
  2. Get the right candidate. In order to hire the best person for the job, you want to always be on the lookout for prospective employees. Use the ABC method, short for the Always Be Closing method. This method utilizes awareness of the talent pool available to you so that as soon as a vacancy arises, you have someone in mind who can quickly fill the vacant role and do a great job. Build a list of qualified talent who you think will work well for your company.
  3. Choose a high quality candidate. There are lots of good candidates available but you want to find the best fitting candidate for your business. Look for someone who you can envision growing and thriving with your company. Identify candidates who have the skills required for the job, then interview them to get a feel for their personality. Even if a candidate is slightly less skilled than another candidate, but has a great attitude and personality, they might be the best fit for your business. A great personality can’t be taught, but skills can be.
  4. Hire quickly. Streamline your hiring process so you don’t miss out on a great job candidate. Because of the speed of the current hiring market, you want to make sure your hiring process is free of heavy, multi-layered processes that unnecessarily slow you down. Avoid losing a great candidate by having a well-oiled and efficient hiring process so you can stay ahead of the competition.


Once you’ve decided what roles you are going to need to hire for soon or regularly, make a plan with your company’s executives to handle your anticipated growth. If you plan your hiring correctly, you’ll be able to handle your business’s growth much more efficiently than if you wait to hire.


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