Hiring with a staffing firm is always a great option for small and large businesses because staffing professionals allow you to hire for a temporary or permanent position. Below are several pros and cons for hiring temporary or permanent employees.


The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Temporary Employee


The pros:


  • Hiring a temporary employee can be a great way to address a shortage of labor or even a skills gap when planning a challenging project. You can hire a temporary employee to meet your needs without increasing your overhead for an extended period.
  • Temporary employees are great for a business that experiences fluctuations seasonally or periodically throughout the year because they allow you to be fully staffed on an as-needed basis.
  • Staffing firms handle recruiting, verifying information and hiring qualified employees.
  • Hiring temporary employees is also a great option for any business looking for additional employees. You can hire a temporary employee and convert them to a permanent position with your company after a specified number of weeks.


The Cons:


  • It can be time consuming and expensive to train new employees every time you have a challenging project.
  • New Hires might take additional time adjusting to their new position which can reduce productivity.
  • It may be difficult to form a sense of camaraderie among your employees; temporary employees might be resentful that they aren’t receiving the same benefits as full-time employees and in return full-time staff might find it difficult to work with a new coworker.


The Pros and Cons of Direct Hire


The Pros:


  • Employees who have been hired directly generally feel more committed to the company because they know they have job security.
  • Hiring someone in a permanent position allows them to grow within the business; by guaranteeing their position, you allow them to develop closer relationships with co-workers and simultaneously encourage them to perform better.
  • As your direct hire gains more experience, they gain knowledge and expertise in their field.


The Cons:


  • Full time employees are more expensive than part-time employees because they receive health benefits and retirement plans.
  • Making staffing changes is more difficult and expensive with full time employees.
  • As you experience less labor demand for your business in between projects and adjust employee hours, you may have to cut back on your new-hire’s hours which could lead to turnover.


Whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term solution for your hiring needs, Staffers has the perfect candidate for you. We can help with your decision between temporary and permanent hires.  Call today to discuss which would be the best fit for you. Staffers has been one of the top recruiting firms in Jackson, MS for over twenty years and specializes in office administration with temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent employment opportunities.


Hear What some of our Clients have to Say About Us:


“It has been a great experience. The Temp that you sent to us has done a great job thus far. I really like the weekly timesheet approval process. Thank you!” – Anthony C


“I have really enjoyed working with Staffers. They are thoughtful and attentive in their responses as well as response time” – Sally B



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