Staffers:  Growing Your Team since 1987!

As Mississippi’s TOP Office Administration Staffing Firm, businesses of all types and sizes turn to us for flexibility and access to talent. We are experts at staffing and recruiting with more than 25 years of experience serving employers throughout the Jackson Metropolitan area. When looking for office temp agencies or clerical temp agencies in Jackson, MS, look for a partner you can trust.


More than anything, the biggest difference in working with Staffers compared to other administrative temp agencies is what matters most: bottom line results.

  • 80% of our employees are hired permanently through our temporary-to-hire program or direct hire.
  • Our candidate success rating is 95%!
  • Seasoned recruiters with over 20 years of recruiting and placement experience.

We love bringing the right talent to organizations!


Our staff has worked together for years, and we have developed a variety of staffing plans. Which one is right for you?

Staffers Temporary-to-Hire

You may interview and choose the appropriate candidate and evaluate their performance over a 16-week (640 hours) period. For the duration of this temporary-to-hire period, the candidate will remain on Staffers’ payroll. There will be an hourly pay and bill rate, which will be consistent for the 16-week period. If for any reason during this probationary period the candidate fails to meet your expectations, you have the option to select another candidate to complete the 16-week period. After completing this period, the candidate is eligible to become employed with your firm, without any additional fee.

Staffers “Buy-Out” Feature

Once a candidate has been selected to begin the temporary–to-hire process and a decision is made to offer employment, you may buy out the 16-week temporary-to-hire contract. Staffers will prorate the number of hours the employee has worked and establish a buy-out fee.

Staffers Direct Hire

After you interview potential candidates and make a selection, you may hire them immediately. Our fee for service is based on annual income and is due upon receipt.

Staffers Payroll Service

You provide the employee; we guarantee all payroll and employer fiduciary responsibilities are met.

Staffers Skills Evaluation

Staffers uses eSkills, the leading provider of skills and behavioral assessments for clerical, technical, call center, financial, medical, legal, and more.  Prove It gives us the power to identify and select the most talented employees. Through Prove It, Staffers provides complimentary tutorials for Microsoft Office Applications. Contact us today, and ask about our complimentary testing and tutorials.


Corporate Support Staff

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Office Assistant


Data Entry Clerk

Customer Service Representative

Call Center Specialist

Accounting Staff

Staff and Senior Accountant



Payroll Specialist

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Accounting Manager

Non-Medical Support Staff

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Billing/Coding Specialist

Medical Check-In/Check-Out Clerk

Medical Records Clerk

Patient Account Representative

Legal Support Staff

Legal Assistant

Legal Secretary


Human Resource Staff

Benefits Manager

Benefits Coordinator

Payroll Specialist


IT Staffing Resources

Network Systems Admin



Quality Assurance


Solutions Architect


Office & Clerical Temp Agencies in Jackson, MS

Staffers, Inc. is one of the leading office and clerical temp agencies in Jackson, MS, serving clients and candidates since 1987. Whether you’re looking for top talent for an open position, or in search of an administrative temp agency to partner with, our recruiters can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more about staffing services.