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Staffing Needs: Choosing Temp or Direct Hire

Staffing needs

You may find it difficult to determine whether or not you should hire someone permanently or temporarily. A staffing firm can help you make the right decision. Here are some pros and cons to hiring temporary vs direct hire employees.

Staffing Needs: Pros of Hiring a Temporary Employee

  • You can hire employees for specific tasks or projects that exceed your employees’ capability. As a result, you won’t need to increase overhead on a permanent basis.
  • Your workforce can fluctuate depending on seasonal or changing demands.
  • You don’t have to worry about the administrative aspects of hiring, insurance, or paperwork. The staffing firm will handle that.
  • You decide whether or not the employee gels with the office. See Staffers’ temp-to-hire

Cons of Hiring a Temporary Employee

  • You spend time training new hires for each new project, which can be a problem for productivity. Additionally, sometimes new hires take a longer time to adjust to the work environment.
  • You may end up paying a temporary employee a higher salary than your full-time staff members because of the recruiting agency’s fee.
  • Team building efforts can be trickier. For example, temporary employees may resent full-time employees for receiving benefits, etc. for doing the same job while your full-time staff may find it difficult to adjust to a new member’s presence in the office.

Staffing Needs: Pros of Direct Hire

  • An employee may feel more committed to the position if they have a sense of security, long-term prospects, and the opportunity to build relationships with their co-workers. They are more likely to perform better with the understanding that they can develop a career within your organization.
  • They become experts over time and contribute more to your company in the long run.

Cons of Direct Hire

  • Fixed costs are higher for full-time employees, who receive benefits like health insurance and contributions to a retirement plan.
  • It’s more difficult to make staffing changes. Temp-to-perm services are a great solution to this issue.
  • If the project you hired for slows down, you may have to cut back on the employee’s hours. As a result, they may move on to another position.

There are clear benefits and disadvantages to both hiring practices. A staffing firm will tell you which option will best suit your company. Contact Staffers today to discuss temporary vs direct hire for your company. As one of Jackson’s leading staffing firms, we specialize in office administrative positions and offer temporary, temp to perm, and permanent employment. Find out today why over 300 businesses have chosen to work with Staffers.

Here’s what some of our clients who work with Staffers are saying:

“Great experience. Good service and quick response to requests. We received several good candidates to choose from.” – Paula B.

“The Staffers team provided a very positive customer experience. They are professional, friendly, and did an excellent job of assessing our company’s needs and provided us with quality employees with a skill set that adds value to our team.” – Tabitha K.


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