Recruiting is one of the most crucial aspects of any business because a business is only as strong as its weakest employee. You want to attract the most skilled and reliable employees possible to get that extra edge over your competition. Furthermore, having a good hiring practice can be the difference in thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company depending on how your employees are performing.  Bad hiring practices can damage employee morale and company culture. Businesses are turning to defensive hiring practices in 2023 to protect their business against bad hires; here are some tips to improve your business’s defensive hiring practices in 2023.


Assessing Applications

One of the most basic and obvious steps to ensuring you are hiring from a skilled and competent pool is to make a good assessment of your applicants based on their application. The completed application should be relatively easy to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for the position for which they are applying.


Look for red flags within an application. Red flags are an easy way to get a feel for a candidate’s reliability and performance in their previous employment. Does the applicant have unexplained gaps in their job history? Prior terminations? Does the applicant mention disagreements with previous management or personality conflicts? These can all be indications that the applicant may not be the best fit for your company. Establish these red flags in your hiring process and make a note of them when assessing the candidate.


Use Effective Interviewing Techniques

Make sure to stay ahead of the competition by using modern and effective interviewing practices. Streamlining your interview process will allow you to quickly sift through candidates to find those diamonds in the rough.


Establish an initial interview process to screen your applicants and quickly decide whether they will be a good potential fit for your company. Screening interviews are a great way to decide whether to seriously consider an applicant. This first interview can be conducted remotely or in person and should be structured in a way that can quickly qualify or disqualify applicants.


An effective interviewer is a great listener who can get applicants to talk freely, allowing them to get to know the applicant more. After all, you are interviewing the applicant and want to know whether they will be a good fit for your business, company culture, and office environment. Use standardized questions to establish a baseline and make sure to ask what the applicant has liked or disliked in previous jobs; finding someone who will thrive within your business’s culture will be much easier if you can determine their personality will be a good fit.



Check References

Once the interviewing process is complete, get in touch with the applicants’ references. Follow up with both personal and professional references. Try to make direct contact with a supervisor and ask them about the applicant.  Find out what kind of employee the applicant was and whether they are eligible for rehire; a candidate who isn’t eligible for rehire most likely caused problems with their previous employer.


Once you’ve determined that the candidate you are interviewing meets all of your hiring requirements, you are ready to make an offer.


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